Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny, funnier, the funniest

Funny, funnier, the funniest.... Isn't it funny how you sometimes fail to assess your feelings towards some people in your life? But how important is this assessment? And why should we put a nametag on our feelings? Ok apart from the fact that we are used to it especially when special people are involved, most importantly it would help us better understand ourselves and treat the other person accordingly...i.e forget about the bastard coz you actually hate him...or it's okay you'll forgive him after all you do love him...or what the heck he's just a pass time. See assessment IS important.... Now it becomes funnier..take this..could it be possible that this person stirrs all these feelings??? Love, hate, sympathy, disgust, addiction and all the other opposites you can think of? Yup deffinetly possible!! But deffinetly not normal, normal would be you fight you make up you totally dissolve in him ....yeah that's normal but these complex feelings are simply absurd. You blame yourself you blame him but what's the use? The outcome is the same a lousy relationship. But you know what the funniest part is ?? You still miss him like hell and you want him back in your life.....

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Boxer" el sayed al mo7afez

Egypt is boiling, burning, rioting, fighting, prisoners escaping, looters, angry politicians, furious youth ........

Yet the fun never seizes. The situation is aggravating by the hour and amazingly so is the humor.
It's been a while since I last heard a good joke but these days the hilarious jokes are pouring.
People in Tarhrir and most probably all over Egypt are giving a concrete lesson of civilization.
While the wiser mass is mercilessly attacking the protestors for turning the protest to a charade, i really admire them.
They are Real Stereo type Egyptians, making fun of anything including themselves.
Despite an obscure future, the fear of prosecution, tough circumstances, they somehow still find it in their hearts to be their funny selves.
Hilarious slogans, funny scenes, nice songs all this while being a part of history making makes me soooo envious and longing to be there.
Among the funniest stories I heared is one coming from kalb el a7dath from Alexandria,( it's a true story by the way i didn't make it up) ok the governer's house has been mobbed and his clothes stolen. His undies are for sale now.
For those who are interested they only come at LE 7/- cheap price to pay considering that they could be looked at as a long term investment, one that you could proudly pass on to your children along with stories about thawret 25 janayer...
" we da ya wlad ba2a kan boxer el sayed mo7afez al askandareya "

EditFalta7ya al kella al mondassa w agendatha al 7'aregeya

Today marks the anniversary of the 13th day of the Egyptian uprising.
Let's go thru the main achievements so far:

  • Cabninet has been dismissed and a new one appointed.(Not bad for a start)
  • For what seems like a miracle, Mubarak appointed a vice president(People have been demanding this for the past 30 years but i think he has some hearing problems, so you should roar in his ear to be heared)
  • Ahmad Ezz, Habib El Adly, Zuhair Garana, have been dismissed and their fortune frozen.Word says they will undergo trial. Dunno about you but I am thrilled.
  • Gamal Mubarak and Safwat ElSherif are OUT.Who could have thought we will live to see the day??
  • Government started talks with opposition leaders. Ok some might argue the worthiness of opposition in Egypt and i cannot counterargue however it's a healthy step.Authority in the hand of one person is nothing but mere corruption.
  • We have to agree that these changes are huuuge. Had we listened to the "wise majority" demanding " al kella al mondessa min zuwi al agendat al kharegeya" to abandon Tahrir, Ka2ed Ibrahim and all the streets of Egypt, we would have ended up with some lame cabinet change leading us to point zero.
Ok I know what the wise majority is thinking now..what about the damages well fair is fair let's go thru them aswell.
  • The grave loss is that of over 300 martyrs and the injuries of 5000 of Egyptians during 13 days(What do you think of your government now?)I beg you please to take a look at the pictures of these young people -you will find them all over fb...did they impress you as agents?? people with hidden agendas? traitors? or simply the boy and girl next door?
  • A state of chaos and insecurity. I have no intention of repeating what you already know but who let the dogs out?Kindly refer to the videos with their confessions.
  • Collapse of the Economy.Again whose responsibility? The demonstrators? Nay the protests were very peaceful there was absolutely no need for a curefew hadn't the government relased the prisoners and withdrawn the police forces.Talk about hidden agendas.
By the way I am not trying to impose my opinion you are free to agree or disagree but this is my reading of the state we are in. And the way I see it is that if these people are kella mondassan b agendat kharegeya so falta7ya hazihi al kella mondassa web2o ta3alo kol yom.

Al7akika wara2 25 Yanayer!!Mozaharat 3arabi .....Omm el agnabo

Lately we have been hearing many theories/rumors regarding the situation in Egypt let me TRY to summarize them for you, it's not an easy task if you consider our looooove for the conspiracy theories:

  • Most famous one: Wael Ghoneim the Google Marketing Manager in Egypt is the administrator of We are all Khaled Said Group who has been missing since Jan 25th...
  • To add to this one there is another rumour saying that same groups admin is a US "agent" and his mischevious activities are funded by the US.He is ofcourse the one who started the riots which is part of a foreign agenda to throw Mubarak and do God knows what
  • This is by far the funniest one so far :Mehwar's famous Sayed interviewed a girl who claims that she has been trained in Israel -or US cant't remember- to demonstrate(seriously people? i can't get over that one) and she and the rest of the demonstrators have been paid USD 50k EACH to demonstrate.Hmm so she was demonstration trainee ...interesting fe3lann and by the way what a budget ....
  • Aljazeera is after Egypt ya gama3a careful !!And so is Alarabeya, CNN, and every journalist on mother earth so only watch AL TELEVISION AL MASRY 7AYSSU EL KEZB 7ASSRY.
  • USA, Israel, Iran, 7ezbullah, Gozur el amar are planning on destroying Egypt's national security .Talks about foreign agendas and stuff
  • Al Ekhwan are the ones starting the riot
  • Al Ekhwan are the ones who are now rioting , the youth of the 25th went home and are convinced by his speech.
Ofcourse, these are only examples, listing all scenarios and theories is a mission impossible! Our passion for the conspiracy theory is confusing everyone and is nutured by our government.They are no fools, it was a masterplan that was successfully implemented. You only have to take a look at your wall to know what I am talking about.
Now I don't claim to know it all in fact i know nothing. I, too am a victim of this scheme and am trusting noone.
But what I am sure of is, that we were all dissatisfied with the regime. We had no doubt it was corrupt.We never believed them.Why should we start now? Egyptians are sentimental..good for them but are we fools??!!
This revolution is causing damage !! True ...but what about all the robbing and the corruption?
For decades we kept hoping and praying for a change didn't we? Since an uprise was no option we were counting on God's grace. But alas, God despite his grace decided not to interfere. Why??? because he wanted US to do it, because we cannot just sit there and day dream of a change, it's never done that way revise your history books.
Are there guarantees? None, but mind you we are already ruled by a dictator and there IS foreign interference.
So please, if you don't want to participate cool... just don't destroy what could be a positive movement.
And if God forbids it should fail please don't complain about a regime you helped creating

What started out so beautifully is taking a very ugly turn

During the past week there was an unprecedented feeling of unity that was sweeping accross Egypt. It was very encouraging and joyful despite all the hardships . If something good came out of this revolution it was the sudden realization that we love our country and most importantly ourselves.
That was the 'before the speech" phase....
Similar to him, our president's speech if anything was very cunning.He managed to cause confusion and seperation amongst people.
Egyptians decided to form two groups(mind you there is a third group "the mercenaries" who also deserve attention only this is not the right platform to talk about them).
Anyways, the two groups are the anti and pro Mubaraks. Don't get me wrong here, arguments are healthy but the sick thing is that the two groups started throwing stones at each other.
Stones in the sense of accusations.
Amongst the hurtful things that personally touched me was accusing Egyptians living abroad of deserting Egypt, firing people up whilst they are enjoying life abroad, etc....
Now am not defending us" The Egyptians living outside" but certain facts need to be highlighted here:
What drove us away from Egypt was the lousy regime who had an imapact on us be it financial/social or whatever and YES each one of us had his share of suffering
  • Seeking a better life is not a crime
  • Living abroad is not as jolly as u imagine, we are either Expats or citizens with arabic origins and neither is really a plus
  • When you are abroad you work your butts off and the odds of being let go is high after all your an Expat and there is no labour law to protect you.
  • Finally, being away from your country is not just you being kilometers apart, it's rather the paing of being seperated from your family and friends and missing out on important events in their lives.
Ofcourse life in Egypt is not a treat either especially now; nobody is underestimating the suffering/fear/anger "people inside" are feeling.
However rest assure that we " the outsiders" as you lately began to call us feel your agony so before you start with the accusations, know very well that me and you we all have have our own problems caused by the regime whether we are in or outside.
Please know your real enemy, it's not too late to retain the unity we had last week.

We all want what's best for Egypt even if we see it differently....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To my fellow Egyptian Expats

Yes we might be of split opinion about what’s happening now in our home country.
Yes we might agree or disagree about whether we should continue rioting to obtain our long lost freedom or whether we should stop here and save our country further damage.
Yes we might be supporting Baradei, Ayman Nour or even Mubarak himself, but a very interesting fact has surfaced during the last week.
We all want to be in Egypt right now.
Be it because of concerns about your family/loved ones, the need to be there while history is being written, a sense of belonging to your country, a sudden feeling of “what am I doing here???”
Regardless of the reason, fact remains this feeling is overwhelming and unique. I've been talking to various nationalities who say that at times of turmoil in their countries they prefer to stay away. But not us!
We need to go back. Are we nuts, emotional, curious??? Possible but a certainty is that we are patriotic; we love our Egypt no matter how much we claim the opposite.
You don’t even know the extent of this love until moments as such.
Ofcourse, some of us will still prefer to be away and mind you they are not less patriotic,  it's mainly due to fear about their children and families.
 Yes I love my country and I am dying to go back.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Asek I memnu

Is turkish for forbidden love, the title of a turksih serie am following these days.
Forbidden coz Samar the wife of Adnan is having an affair with Mohannad the nephew raised by Adnan since he was orphaned as a child.
In the mean time Adnan's daughter is in love with her cousin which adds to the complications.
Ofcourse am not writing a post about some turkish serie give me more credit than that please.
Self centred as I am (that comes along with being an only child hold my parents accountable not me ) I started analyzing myself. Yes that I do at times (that comes along with being single and not having much to do).
Now am losing focus and so must you. Ok ok back to my point actually am being evasive coz am having difficulty expressing what I want to say.
I sometimes shock myself .I actually feel for Samar imagine? In another world, few years back maybe i would have hated and condemned such a character. She's cheating on her husband, she's seducing his nephew she sabotages his relationship with his fiance and later on his cousin. In short she's evil. But i feel for her.
Shocking right? What's more shocking is that am putting myself in her shoes...that could happen to me!
I mean why not? Whose immune to
I stopped judging people long back especially when it comes to decisions regarding the heart.

Analyze that!!!!

  • You're in a dark alley and you know it's a dead end yet you keep on walking...
  • It's early in the morning, the streets are jammed and you know that if you take this short cut you'll end up scratching your car.Yet you do!!
  • You hate this place why not just pack and leave? You just don't.
  • You're awfully sleepy and you sooo much yearn to be in bed.You just sit there motionless and tired staring at the ceiling
  • You hate this movie come on you've lived it errrr seen it before how difficult is it to turn off the damn TV???

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Living in a Barbie world

Barbie is a spoilt brat always neatly dressed, nicely groomed, she has a full wardrobe of branded bags n shoes etc.
Barbie is surrounded by a bunch of very good looking friends, Ken, Midge, Stacey and so on..
and she lives in a fancy house short she leads a wonderful live.
OK similarly but on a smaller scale my life in Abu Dhabi is a Barbie one: i have a packed wardrobe of expensive clothes, bags, shoes n accessories.
Me too am living in a nice apt and surrounded by good looking friends.
If one day Barbie's doll house comes apart it will still be okay coz at the end of the day Barbie is an "IT" she will recover instantly you will simply comb her hair, arrange her dress and place her back next to Ken.
But when my world comes apart it's a different story coz am a "SHE" combing my hair and patting my cheeks won't do it.
My fake friends won't give me any consolation either coz they r fake.
Choosing the Barbie life was my own doing but now it became so phony it's strangling me.
I need my real friends back my real life even if it means going back to all the problems that came along.
At least it was a life.

Friday, November 19, 2010


My newly discovered passion!!!
Hookah, hubbly bubbly, shisha, waterpipe, nargileh, goza sooo many names for such a lovely thing.
As per wikipedia my shisha is defined as :
A hookah (Hindustani: हुक़्क़ा (Devanagari), حقّہ (Nastaleeq) huqqah) also known as a waterpipe is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water. The tobacco smoked is referred to as shisha or sheesha. Originally from the Indian Subcontinent,hookah has gained popularity, especially in the Middle East and is gaining popularity in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil.
That was in brief the description of my new hobby...addiction?!?
We were introduced in 2009 and it was love at 1st sight. Have to admit the beginning was kinda edgy with coughing and stuff but we hit it off right away :))))
Accompanied with Tea with mint and your in 9th heaven. It helped me through horrible companies when you can't find a shit to say(and mind you that happens alot), you just pretend you're just wasted in shisha.
Smoking a shisha is 10 times as harmful as smoking one ciggy but soooooo whhhhhhhaaat  so many years have been wasted already what's a few years gonna add?
Is it addiction? Well if you call thrice a week addiction than hell yes. There no place i 'd rather be right now than sequoya with ola hubbling bubbling surrounded by lovely shisha smoking people at a place jammed with smoke haaaa....
I went to the extent of getting myself one at home okay okay not to be compared with the biiiig original cairo ones but it's a consolation sort of.
Yes Noha I resisted alot and it was high time i give in...Shisha you're more than welcomed in my life please take the lead.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-The Tears Of A Clown

You can run but you sure can't hide...

1.From your past:Sadly it's an integral part of you and it's a promo of your future. 2.From your flaws: They are right there sticking their tongue back at you and assuring you that learning from your mistakes is not your area. 3.From your choices:Who are still and will affect your future no matter how much you try to change course. 4.From your luck:Yes some people are bourne lucky and some are simply "YOU" and that's a fact of life! Live with it... 5.From your self: Dissatisfied from yourself?? well run as fast and furious as you can but you will still return to this lousy person with all its past, flaws, choices, luck so you'd better stick around as no one else wants to. 6.Your life: As ending it is hardly an option so tough luck champ try to hang on there and survive whatever shit is thrown at you. How? Wish i had an answer to that one...que sera sera

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Face Off

To all you Bankers out many times were you sitting with your non-bankers i.e lucky friends at a restaurant...cheque will split the invoice..being a banker you are naturally expected to divide 470 by 6 without the slightest problem and when you naturally fail and reach out to your mobile calculator, the non bankers start making fun of you and wonder how a banker is not able to solve the slightest mathematical problem like 470 by 6...
what is the natural answer??? you gyus don't know a thing being a banker does not mean we use our minds...what are calculators and excel sheets for?
Truth is we eliminated our as much as it facilitates stuff it lead us to being lazy...from calculators, to pcs to even the TV that you switch on in order not to think get your mind off whatever...ok to cut it short WE DON'T THINK ANYMORE...
What brought this? ok just an article made me think...Gosh that's good...the idle organ lying inside my head is finally being used..
The article was called " Discovering the real me is quite the nuisance" Google it if you like Khalij Times May 07th issue...
If not, then let me summarize it, it's about the value of discovering the inner you..
Seems like there is an industry out there helping people to dig deep in order to discover hidden stuff about themselves...their unmasked selves!!
Good it not?
Well, not according to the article; it says ok so you visit that shrink pay sums of money to discover your real persona...What if you don't like it?Your real and true self?
You spend years trying to hide/tame/work on that old person and you managed successfully to turn this person into you..."assuming you like you ofcourse" and it was not an easy task...and after all these years of hard work you get to meet that old buddy the old you...whome you gave a complete make over to and surprise surprise you dont want to be that person, but too late you freed the genie in the bottle!
What a battle
Ok that was more or less the article.
Now me:Right, we work on be tougher, less tensed, more this less that etc...and you are kinda okay with it this new you gets you thru tough times, he stands by you...
As for me i dont really know how much i changed if any..oh yeah i became less trusting or so i like to think actually i am still stupid old me! Is this sad or what?
Change is necessary..not changing is pathetic coz life is nothing but a series of experiences and if these (whether good or bad) don't change you...then you are an idiot
So i guess knowing that you have evolved is good, comforting and unless the new person is a complete jerk you'r better off now life lead you there..
How that article lead me to think? Dunno the idea was I want to know my old me? To start with is there a new me? What are the corrective steps? etc.etc.etc...Forget all that it's just an interesting article

Friday, April 30, 2010

To Cairo with Love

This post was meant to be written in Cairo before leaving but something was holding me back...regardless of what i might say at times like Cairo is jammed, i hate its traffic, pollution bla bla bla, Cairo remains very special to me
Today i was having lunch with my lebanese friend and i started bragging about dear old Cairo just when he said yeah but that was loooong back, it's not as u describe it anymore...
But no I said, that's the beauty of Cairo, even though it's crowded, poor at places, not as clean's still and will remain a charming place...its beauty never fades
It's indiscribable ...a city filled with controversy..filthy rich and extremely poor, elegant yet vulgar, new and old...u name it whatever ur taste it Cairo will entertain u...
Will not even talk about people and my personal experience there...I had a rough time at first but people where all around me to ease the pain.
In this context Sameh n Ola u r the best, Ashraf n Nermine thx for being u..
While searching for a pic to download i really didnt know which one to add?
Cairo is sooooo full, pharaonic Cairo, islamic Cairo, new Cairo, Seqoya our favourite hangout...hmmm what?? well in the absence of a seqoya pic that would the place right i chose Khan El Khalili ...i can almost smell the fresh spices when remembering the market...i love Cairo and i can go on and on about it and i still can't explain why i left it despite all this love... again another controversy can't live with and can't live without u.....luv u

Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate packing !!!

i remember the times when packing was a fun activity.That was in the good old days.
Back then packing was associated with a vacation.Travelling was and still is my favourite hobby.
After the move to the UAE suddenly packing became a horrible experience.
Not just because the excess of any exercise makes it loose its appeal and makes it somehow boring no sir that's not it, it's because it was not associated to fun anymore.
It was either me packing in a haste to catch some plane home because of some unpleasant circumstances, or packing filled with sorrow as i was leaving mom and friends to go back to the UAE.
I still remember mom's filled with agony question whenever i come near the luggage: Will you start packing?
Even more dreadful than packing is packaging or moving.
Gosh how i hate these boxes.
The site of an empty apartment filled with selotape, paper, bubble paper is so sad.
How happy or sad you were during the time you spent in this apartment makes zero difference. Both cases awful.
It seems like all the years and memories you spent/have there are packed in some serialed boxes.
Each item in there means something to you ..but not to the movers who treat it with utmost indifference and raise eyebrows when you make a fuss about a small wooden frame which couldnt cost more than EGP 10/-.
It's true moving comes along with new beginnings but it also puts and end to a chapter maybe more of your life..
Well that's how i feel about packing now and i don't think it will ever change...
As for the moving one could look it at it both ways i mean it could be a happy or sad excerise depends on the kind of person you are ....
If anything am not the optimistic one right now i hate packing and moving!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a mess!!!

A FB colleague posted the following question: What is the thing that annoys you the most now?
Many things annoy me ofcourse ut i never tried to pinpoint the thing that annoys me the most...
Right now my mind is as cluttered as my closet...many stuff lying everywhere and trying to find an item seems like a mission impossible.
Anyways, this guy's question made me search harder in the closet i mean in my mind and the answer came out even more annoying than the's the person that is supposed to be the closest to me"MY FATHER".
It's not missing my mother, my boss, the miserable job, the bad financials, cairo traffic it's my dad
Yes it's an annoying discovery...has he always been annoying me? NO
Was he always such a jerk? NO
Is it old age, my mother's death? Possible..
Could it be me?
Even more annoying...i cannot forgive him letting her should've been him instead. at least this is what i always expected...he failed me..unknowingly
I know i have no right to think this way, i know i should be patient after all he's old and my father...i can't help it though no matter how hard i try.
The mere daily phonecall is a dread..a charade ..he's not attempting even to patch things up...what to do? It's getting messier by the day and Yes Wissam now i've learned life ain't easy...
At least not for me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

miss u

i overestimated many things in my life...most of these myself
i thought i could push all the unpleasant stuff in the back of my mind i even bragged about it...but here i am unable to push this one thing anywhere it's right there in the center.
losing one's mom is huge...mine was not just a mom she was a best friend, a shelter, a sister and a blessing.
i am coping i am not shedding tears at least not in public but the suffering is enormous this one cut deep in my heart... cought me offguard.
no words can describe her nor can they describe how i feel.
i am so sorry i ever made her cry and i did.
i miss her so bad it hurts...can't get her off my mind even when i am happy.
i used to tell her everything and i still find myself thinking " mami wait till u hear this one" then i remember i wont't b able to say it..not able to make her laugh anymore..not sad either
i know she forgives me but am not sure i will ever be able to forgive myself

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mehatet Masr

Now it has been almost 3 months in this godforsaken place…
My impressions are :
The railway got from bad to worse
The cab drivers seem somehow more tolerant than I remember
Cairo is not as charming as I thought it would be
I regained my for 3 years forgotten bad manners
All my friends are gloomy as hell
Am surrounded with a whole pile of shit at work and elsewhere
I think I am stronger than I gave myself credit for
If anything I can’t help myself from thinking over stuff
I don’t have a clue what I wanna do onwards
God is by my side

Happy f***** valentine’s day

14th of February is an extremely important day ofcourse .
It’s valentine’s day, the day Rafik El Hariry-Lebanon’s late vice president- got assassinated and the day I returned home.
I never enjoyed valentine’s this is why I chose to spend it on a plane, moreover as it is this day is a pain so why not add to its beauty
Besides as non superstitious as I am I still could not fly on the 13th.
And here I am leaving behind a world I have created for myself for 3 whole years.
It’s true it was a word of fiction a 3d kinda fiction where you chose the people you hang out with, the places you go to, the food you eat etc…
Everything was absolutely my choice. The job was perfect so was the traffic most of the time. Nothing remotely major to complain about.
I don’t recall ever having to raise my voice at anyone.
But every dream has an end and apparently the nightmare is starting…
My mother’s illness, the streets, a job that am sure will be as lousy if not worse than CIB.
People imposed on me whome I really don’t want to interact with but what to do?!?
Real life has started I can only sit back and dream of some peace of mind that seems impossible right now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cocktail, excited..demotivated, scared...confident, hyper...silent, nostalgic to Egypt...already missing Abu Dhabi...i swear am not exagerating all these feelings are there at the moment.
So back to Egypt it is and farewell Emirates..incredible would have never volunterily taken such a decision and hell it s not easy.
So i guess it's my turn now for the picture taking, the farewell cake and the sobbing
That was quick..the three years have flown by.
I can never deny that i enjoyed this experience alot.No matter how suspicious i was when i first landed.
On the 1st inctance Abu Dhabi could appear as an extremely boring place and to a degree it is but nice boring if such a word exists.
Living in Abu Dhabi is very much like getting into an arranged marriage thing.
You sort of get used to it, the routine, the monotony everything and that makes the goodbye extremely tough.
What makes it even tougher is the pleasant memories i have here, the peace of mind that i doubt you can find anywhere else...least of all in Egypt.
I ll be missing the corniche on sunny days, the smooth traffic, the indian restaurants, the fine dining, Zyara the cosiest hang out in the world, i ll be missing the shopping the malls the availiability of everything within 5 minutes.
I ll be missing the friends i made here, especially the non Egyptian ones coz sooner or later we are bound to meet
As for the others (Indians and lebanese)whenever i look into their faces it's painful ...we might not meet again.
I ll be deffinetely missing UNB and UNB people...
the concerts, my caaaaar
Gosh good byes are never easy
But hey there are also stuff am never gonna miss like the sight of our local brothers feddling with their toes, the blocked internet sites, the rocket high rents,
the landlord's rep, being an Expat, the smelly patan taxi drivers, the intolerable heat and humidity, artificial plants, the excessive use of superlatives " The biggest, tallest, bla bla bla "
In addition to the emotional closures there is ofcourse the materialistic angle, my apt, the car, the job etc.
Too many things on my mind a cocktail of emotions, a chaos of everything
I sure hope it gets over soon.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Now again this is about exposure.For the record i do not recall having ever watched a Hindi movie nor having any intention to.
Actually, we in Egypt make fun of people watching these types of movies, they classify as trash.
Hindi movies to us are too long too naive, too much of everything...
But then you cannot blame the mass for the misconception, the movies shown in Egypt are only the commercial ones we never saw any good quality bollywood productions.
Anyway, ofcourse here in the UAE Hindi movies rule you get too see all kinds of them. Its been months that i have read about it in E the movie magazine.
And somehow it kept popping up in my mind.
And there i was at Virgin Megastore( the place that makes sure i never save a fil)at the Hindi movies corner and i saw it "DOSTANA".
Dunno why and how i had the guts to spend AED 90 for sthg i dont know anything about.But i thought what the heck plus the two guys on the cover certainly atributed.
Someone told me recently that i should always trust my gutfeeling and he was right... well at least this time.
The movie was great it's about a love triangle, friendship(dostana), some songs and dances etc.. it's a comedy with lots of feelings.. good ones, the acters are awsome.
the songs are sooo good i am about to buy the soundtrack as well and risk being called trash in Egypt :)
My action plan and should deffinetely try new stuff, no prejustice, keep an open mind and deffinetely find more about indian culture and movies:)
Guys if you dont believe me just watch this song on youtube it rocks
and to you my friends in Egypt if you like the song then no worries i ll be back soon with the original Dostana cd and who knows maybe more of them....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You just made my day :)

Amidst all what i am going through suddenly a hillarious piece of news comes my way :)
An Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at president george bush jr.
But then again who else would do something as heroic? The guy is one of millions of Arabs who have had it; he probably didnt plan for it but the mere sight of this ape can bring out the worst in anyone.
Anyway, Muntazer Al-Zaidi represents generations of frustrations we thank him for putting a smile on our faces..for chilling out our hearts.This shoe should be put in a museum it signifies alot.
I only feel sorry for this modern age hero God bless and save him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life vs.movies

We tend to say someone's life is like a movie.. By that we mean it's amazing i guess.
But I strongly believe that lifes are movies and movies represnt lifes.
Movies could be boring, funny, exciting or could anybody's life be.
Movies could have a sad ending, happy ending or an open obscure one...same goes for lifes.
Bollywood movies or similarly bollywood lifes are full of have a bit of love, hatered, happiness and sadness in addition ofcourse to some dancing and singing. But the amazing thing about them is the ending it's always a happy one.
My life so far is bollyowood movie like without the singing and dancing part ofcourse.
I am in the so called sad phase which should be followed by the happy ending.. see i could be optimistic even in these times.
Do i have a point? Nope just a thought...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25Live( Sweet memory from the past)

Dunno where to start many things on my mind...okay i'll start by appologizing to you my dear blog for ignoring you for so long but i was busy sort of...didnt feel like writing maybe
Anyhow, that's irrelevant right now...i just want to document everything about last night, this sweet sweet night. It was George Michael LIVE IN ABU DHABI.To me this guy is a music legend, he was my favourite ever since wham, the silly haircuts and careless whisper.
Oh the songs of last night were sooo sweet coz they reminded me of nice peaceful days.
The stage was mindblowing, i forgot all my problems and was only singing along.
I enjoyed everything despite the boring alicia keys, the smoke, the lousy beer smell surrounding me...
I was soo touched when he thanked everyone who stuck with him during the past 25 years especially when he admitted that he didnt make it easy for his fans.
So what Goergi boy we forgive u all ur stupidies, after all you are a star a living legend, i dont mind if u act like a freak every once in a while.
Back then i saw you on TV could never imagine that the day will come when i see you performing live just a few steps from me...thanks again Abu Dhabi, whenever u bore me, we tend to kiss and make up...and that was one amazing night you gave me.
I could swear i am not in the right carreer i would have made one good entertainer but what to say...instead am a mediocre product manager.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Have a nice day

If this piece is not getting documented i really don't know what should be.
I know am 36 but hey what the fxxxx? i am still in cloud 9..
Not only did i get the chance to attend a live rock concert but also it was my all time favourite BON JOVI.
That was last tuesday and it was heavenly.
I never expected to be that excited in fact before going to the concert i was in a lousy mood due to work pressure but as soon as the guy appeared on stage aaaaall was forgotten and i could only sing along and sway and jump(though my feet were killing me).
Finally AD had a that was a little bit exaggerated..but i am sure that was my best night in Abu Dhabi yet.
Seeing your favourite performer live is certainly different it's like falling in love with him all over again.
It's amazing how it changed my mood, though it evapurated the next day at the site of people in the office but it was worth it.
A thought hit me while watching them:These guys are damn lucky not only do they enjoy their time but they also get paid for it.WOW. Dunno wish i could do that even if only for one night.
In the mean time some marching band keeps its own beat in my head and if anything i am sooo enjoying it
Have a nice day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Balance sheet

To those of you my dear friends with no accounting background a balance sheet is a two sided financial document. One side for credit and another for the debit
The credit is all the plusses of the organization like assets, cash, loans etc.
the debits are clearly the costs.The break-even point you reach when both sides are equal.
To reach a gain the plusses should surplus the minusses and ofcourse a loss is the oposite scenario.
So by now you should have a approximate idea what i am talking about.
A month back a colleague of mine who obviously posesses some vision advised me to do a balance sheet of my LIFE.
He was referring to my Love life!!!
Anyway i didn't pay him much attention or as i usually do i pushed the bad thoughts in the back of my mind, coz this particular exercise would have ended with lots of sobs, self pity, lots of reflection abt lost oppurtunities and wrong decisions.
And this is the last thing i need right now.
But i could not help thinking about one decision i took a couple of years ago.
This one if anything needed some balancing.The decision is me coming to the UAE.
Ok The Credits are:
-I switched my carreer path from trade finance to retail marketing which is
deffinetely a plus
-I got promoted, sthg which i could never achieved in Egypt with the tempo i
experienced there
-I made new friends became familiar of new cultures.
-Better life
The debits:
-I miss my parents
-I miss my friends
-I am missing out on important occasions(happy and sad)
-I am not there to give my parents and friends the support they need and God
knows they need it.
OOH dear could it get more complicated, the credits are about my carreer and peace of mind and the debits are about the people i love the most.
I can't even see a breakeven,I can't make out anything out of this balance sheet.
I don't even know what i want anymore clearly going back won't be a source of joy and me staying here is not delightful either.
My country is beautiful but i cannot live there.
Such a harsh position and a decision that could be neither right or wrong.
Simply a decision, which God only knows its impact on my life.
Anyways, i'll try to push this thought aswell to the back of my mind coz it's bugging me like hell.

Friday, April 11, 2008

As if my BD wasn't enough

So many things on my mind lately some pleasant and others dreadful
Ok to start with i celebrated my xyth birthday last week that is ofcourse dreadful.
No correction...dreadful is an understatement it was ..shocking yes that's the right word
Waking up one day to find myself xy.O dear that's an awful lot for someone who is still single.
I hate to imagine how my mother must feel.Luckily for me i am a continent away.
Anyway the pleasant thing was the presence of my friends.
Their support.
Yes that's what friends are for to stand by u in disasters as such.
Whether in Egypt or here i have to say i am blessed to have such marvellous friends.
I would go as far as to say that i had no time to reflect abt the mishap.
And as if this sad incident was not enough to destroy my mood, the next day there were the demonstrations in Egypt.
What happened last week started as pleasant.
Finally Egyptians decided to rise.Though finally is hardly a fair word.To our credit there have been demonstrations in the past but never on such a large scale.
This one was meant to be a huge and effective one.
But due to threats by our honourable government, many were scared and decided not to take part.
We cannot really blame them, they cannot afford to lose their jobs with the mouths they have to feed.They can bearly afford to do it working, so one can imagine their status if they were on the dole.
On the other hand we have the brave workers of Al Mahalla who revolted and stood up for their rights.
As expected they were beaten by the police forces, some were killed and many imprisoned.
This is what you get for deffending yourself, asking for your simplest rights in Egypt.
Again, so much for the democracy.
It is sad.
Not that it was ever pleasant to Egyptians but lately the government has crossed all its limits.
It's one thing after the other and their numbness is intolerable.
The present as it is is very dark and where we heading is not looking less gloomy.
Despite all that some argue the value of demonstrations.
Ok maybe nothing has changed, maybe prices are still high, maybe the bread crisis is still prevailing but we created some noise and that was healthy.
Maybe the world kept their eyes shut this time but next time they might react.
If not the next time then the next...
At least we learned to demand our rights and that unless we speak up it will remain stagnant.
We are passing the message to younger generations that cowards die cowards and achieve nothing...
And this is sufficient.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sudarshan Kriya

Now i really had to document this one, not just because my "Art of Living” tutor Ms/Janet De Cruz had advised us to, but rather to stand as a witness to my
1-Non assertiveness
2-Lack of spirituality
3-Narrow minded(ness)
My fellow Indian colleague(and i want to stress on the fact that i claim to have an open mind;p)held a discussion with me few months back on life and other issues.
From which i assume he detected that i am desperate(very true) and i needed to take a spiritual course in life.
Anyway Murali (that's his name) kept advising me to take part in art of living course?!!
I had no clue about that and definitely no intention to attend.
He kept nagging and i kept refusing mm no finding excuses.
Anyway, i ran out of excuses and being non assertive especially when it comes to a sweet fellow like Murali i agreed to pay AED 750 and attend this course.
Ok to start with i was the only Non-Indian in this course. What to do?
The course is about the technique of breathing and its importance to the human mind and health in general. It could be true but how did Sre Sre Ravi Shanker( the founder of this thing) come across this idea?
The answer is he started meditating at the age of four...OOOOOOOOOK!???!!!
Back to the contents of the course mmm besides the breathing there are the teachings of the Sre Sre of accepting people and situations, being peaceful, forgiving, reaching out..etc these are actually extremely nice values that i could never learn in 6 decades let alone 6 days.
I am not the accepting type, i get angry over the stupidest things, i never reach out.
Though i have to admit i forgive easily but that is probably because i forget easily( in other words early Alzheimer symptoms)
Bottom line ok i might TRY to commit to the breathing stuff all the pranayas and sudarshan kriyas etc...though i don't commit to anything easily.
But i could not believe in the non-abstract, the divinity of human beings, the love that is surrounding us.
I lack spirituality, maybe to attend this course you gotta be a different person, less complicated, less doubting, more open-minded to non conventional stuff.
And yeah no. 4 this proves how bored I am, i am open to try anything out of boredom.
Hope life gets better in the near future.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wouldn't it b nice?

1-If i dated George Clooney even if only 4 one day?
2-If i could kill someone and get away with it?
3-If my salary was AED 40 K?
4-If i looked like Keira Knightly?(mmm that comes with kissing Orlando Bloom and
Johnny Depp in one movie)?ok this is ofcourse far beyond nice it would be
heavenly,awsome and lots of other words that i cannot begin 2 describe...
5-If i had the chance to redo some of my old choices?
6-If i had a perfect body without the need to diet and work out?
7-If i could fall in love easily?
8-If i could meet my dream guy before i lose my mind?
9-If i could get high without having to worry about it being a sin and other
unconveniant consequences?
10-If only my life was simpler?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Love, Cholera, way too complicated

I have always believed that every person carries a story on his shoulders.
It could be ofcourse a dull one and it could be very interesting, sad, unique, common....
Whatever it might be it is one's story, very personal and mostly private.
Now i really wonder how could a person consider another the love of his life while for the other he is not more than a shadow?
Could one ignore the feelings of another even if they were very intense?
Could a person stay faithful to another-even if only in feelings- while the other goes on with his life?
For how long can you stay in love with the person considering you a shadow?
One year? Two? Fifty?
Assuming you stay faithful and in love for all this time, and assuming this person will love you back at the end and I really mean the end while you only have few years, maybe months and days to live would you still be happy? Was it worth it?
Could you forgive this person for denying you his/her love all this time...
All this is possible i guess it's one story amongst million of weird ones.
Not bad weird just too not common...and very complicated. But this is the way relationships are never easy..
To hell with him/her who don't love you back..Life is not worth the trouble and certainly no one is.
Every moment is precious so enjoy it people and don't waste it on broken hearts or hopeless cases.
But again this is me, the way i see things, my story, for others the few years are so precious that they hang on to this hope...
Yes every one sees it differently i guess...and who am i to lecture anyone...yalla whatever as long as you enjoy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Music is my boyfriend

is a name of some group on facebook!
Such an inspiring name for a group..and one that i related to instantly.
Music is my passion and my boyfriend, in the absence of a real one:)
Not that it is substituting anything ofcourse but i have to admit that music is overtaking the funcionalities of a boyfriend in my life. It lifts me up when i am down, keeps me company when i am lonely, entertains me when i am bored.
So one might say it is the perfect boyfriend, the type who is always there when you need him.
My newly discovered BF takes long walks with me, accompanies me mostly in my car, sneaks at work and whispers to my ears through the MP3 player, and is there when i wash dishes, read or just feel like dancing...
It even adjusts itself according 2 my moods, slow when i need to chill out and funky when i feel like going crazy.
My BF never bores me, it has so many's classic, it rocks, it could be eastern or western.
The ideal BF indeed, too good to be true...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Gabrielle in me

There are different sides in each person.And by sides i mean traits or rather inclinations.
There is an exterior and it should not necessarily comply with the interior.
Yes appearances are meant to be deceiving.
And there is nothing hyprocritical about it either..not always that is.
Every one wants to be perceived in one way or another and there is nothing really wrong about that because you have to pertain a certain image infront of people, but what goes inside is completely different at times.
Sometimes this cover up is very innocent.
This thought hit me while watching desperate housewives.There are five completely different women profiles here.Bree with the idealisem and coldness, Edie the slut, Suzan the hysterical, clumsy and naive one, Lynette the working mom tourne between family and career and last but not least Gabrielle.
Gabrielle is a hot controversial latina, loves her husband but cheats on him, gets whatever she wants regardless of the mean, funloving, smart.....i can go on for hours coz she is my favourite..
While watching it with a couple of friends one time the girls thought they were a Suzan, cute, clumsy etc... i came up with the shocking revelation or maybe confession that i am most likely to be a " Gabrielle"
And don't get me wrong here i don't mean the hot part and hopefully not the unfaithful part either. I just admire a woman who knows what she wants and grabs it, i admire survivors..I look up to women who are expressive, bold what if a bit vulgar?
Apparantly I am not all that, and obviously i like to be all that it's deffinetely somewhere within me surfacing at times...So one thing i assure you appearances are really deceiving... i really look nothing like Gaby nor do i act like her, people 1st impression of me is nothing like who i really am, the Gabrielle in me is silent until called out.
You see, people do have extreme sides...and with that conclusion I rest my case!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your wish is my command

Remember Aladdin? The one who found a wonderlamp, rubbed the dust of it and freed the Gennie?
The Gennie was grateful to Aladdin and said...YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND, upon which Aladdin was granted three wishes.
I always wondered -and i am not just being sarcastic- what if Aladdin wished that the Gennie became his slave? or at least fulfill all his wishes not just three??
How would the Gennie have reacted? Would he have accused Aladdin of being greedy and called the whole thing off? Would he stick to his word?
Now seriosuly, three wishes is a bit stingy don't you think? Come on he freed the guy after all these years of being trapped in a dirty lamp...i think Aladdin deserved more than just three wishes.
Now if i were in Aladdin's slippers i would have played it safely after all three is better than winding up with nothing.
My first wish would have been for my parents to be happy.They are the best.They sacrificed their happiness to satisfy me.Nothing they will spare to keep me happy.I am blessed to have such loving parents and really wish them utmost happiness.
My second wish(and notice how am trying to be cunning here) is that my friends and i live happy ever after with the partners of our dreams.
My 3rd wish goes for my country i really wish that Egypt becomes a better place, that it prospers again that i can go back and be with my parents and friends.
The 1st two wishes are doable but the 3rd i think is far fetched.
Anyway, whether doable or far fetched sadly there is no Gennie to fulfill instant dreams.
We can always pray that things get better and thx God our Allah is generous and mighty you can demand a zillion things not only three.
Although we don't get them on the spot and sometimes we never do but still i belive that whatever is given to us is the very best.
One more thing Mr.Gennie would you please grant me one bonus wish?
That one would go to Mme Souad the nasty representative of my landlord?would you please turn her into a monkey?and this one comes from all the inhabitants of Burj Omar...pleaaaaaaaaz

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Interview with Vampire...

A vampire is a fictionary being that has been bitten by another vampire and was thus provided immortality.
According to the original tale, he was a Transilvanian Count who was captured as a child by the Turks, was taught by them ruthless fighting methods and then later on fought against their invasion of his country.
During his imprisonment he also learned the dark secrets of black magic, came across some formula and became immortal.He lives till now(according to the tale).
Till recent i believed in the existence of vampires and was really reading and watching vampire stories/movies with great interest.
It was until two years back when my friend ele said to me sarcastically in her cute italian accent:
O Rubi surely you don't believe that this is true.At that time i was reading"The Historian" one of my all time favourite books about vampires.
She and my mother then made fun of me and for a moment i felt very naive.
Well ofcourse he's fiction.Immortality is only for God.
But as a contradiction to this theory there is our beloved modern age vampire.Count Mubarak.
This thought came to me while watching him on TV the other day.Could he be the one???
The ancient Count Dracula, the Prince of Darkness??
Well one thing for sure, he is Emperor of Darkness not simply a prince.
The guy should have been dead ages ago, yet he is still alive..
His scarry blank eyes, decaying skin and paleness make him good blood-sucking material.
His personality and evil are value added ofcourse.
Anyway that's just a silly thought; ofcourse he is not a vampire..but indeed a brutal blood sucker and unfortunately not with his enemies.
He refuses to abide to the simple rules of nature.
I guess he has nothing on his mind to trouble him, he leads a beautiful
worry free life unlike his miserable "subjects"..So why shouldnt he live long? Frankly, I would in his shoes.
Not making death wishes here, but wouldn't life be much better without him?
Not necessarily, however we could still use some fresh air, but hopefully not coming from the same direction.
We had our share of darkness Count.Kefaya.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hard Luck Red Champs

It's strange how many habits, characteristics and opinions change in you when you live abroad.

You also discover stuff you were not aware of in Egypt.

To start with i was never interested in football. Though I always called myself ahlaweya, fact is I had nothing to do with Ahly nor Zamalek nor any other team.

My biggest achievement in the football field was watching worldcup to cheer for the italian team/players to be more specific.

Today was the finals of the African cup.Ahli played against some tunisian team, that much i knew.So I was overtaken by strong national patriotic feelings and decided to support Ahli and not at home but in public.

I felt the need to be amongst other Egyptians; weired thing that i don't think i felt before.

I love to be amongst friends but Egyptians in general? Completely new.

So this is some major change in habits and feelings.

I wore my red T-shirt and went to a coffee shop with a friend, asked the waiter to put on ART sports 3. Whenever a new group of Egyptians entered the place my confidence and joy grew. I swear i am not being poetic this is exactly how I felt.

I wanted Ahli to win this game..not just to brag but I wanted Egyptians to be happy; football is not just a game or leisure where I come from it is orientation, national pride and lots of other stuff that i am really not aware of because i am girl i guess and was never a football fan.

Back to the game, I have to say that it was a thrilling feeling how we were all cheering at the same time, swearing at the referee, all the booos and aaaahs.

To my disappointment Tunis won, very frustrating feeling that wouldn't have bothered me before.

But the bigger disappointment was seeing UAE Nationals celebrating at the end of the game; ofcourse it's a free country it's really up to them whome to support.

But the thing is they are not into football, and not particularly fond of Tunisians, so the only explanation was that they celebrated our defeat not Tunis' victory.

That i found awfully weired and disappointing, unanimous cheering and hugging at the end of the game??Why, what on earth did we do to deserve this attitude from their part?

I have to say that this was even more disturbing than the result of the game...and i really regretted supporting their team against Oman in the Gulf tournement.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Today, i saw a mighty Heart, a movie starring Angelina Jolie.Didn't know the story before i took the decision to see this movie, i wish i did though...because i deffinetely would have decided to go home and watch something more meaningful.
It's about two american journalists Mariane starring Angelina Jolie and her husband Danny who were covering the war against terrorism in Afganistan, then went to Pakistan were the nice, friendly, peace loving, truth searching American jew got kidnapped by Muslims, fanatics.(Surprise surprise)
Anyway don't want to bore you with further details,this movie shows-for what seems like eternity-a very filthy and poor Pakistan (it might be the case i don't know never been there)and a pakistani intelligence, CIA etc...searching for Danny.
The kidnappers, the terrorists, the muslims, the fanatics who kidnapped the nice American fella captured him to put pressure on USA to release prisoners held in US prisons or at least treat them with dignety( Is this too much to ask ???)
The movie did not come as a shock to me, could figure out the direction right from the start.
The usual manipulation in order to twist the truths is not new to Hollywood.
So the message stands very clear.We bad them good..ok this we have been living with for quite some time...but i kept wondering who is the target customer(forgive my vocabulary i come from a marketing environment) for this movie?
Is it the americans?mmmmaybe...the rest of the world? Us?...i really don't know but doubtful!
Doubtful because or rather although Hollywood has great film industry and they are the masters, they make terrific movies meant only to send hidden messages...but this particular message was not conveyed to us ...sorry but we were not fooled this time!
The regular viewer would have sympathized with Danny and his preignant wife, sorry guys we did NOT.
We contributed sadly to your profit but you did not contribute to our minds.
We could not care less whether he would die, don't want to go as far as to say we wished for it.
I am not a fanatic non of us watching this movie was.But when the wife screamed when she knew about the loss of her husband it meant nothing to us.Sorry!
Then again how do you expect us to sympathize with you? Is an american life more precious to us than an Arab life?
He is a father to be.Oh yeah? at least he is not a kid shot on the street .
None of us forgets Mohamed El Dorra the innocent child who was shot with his father nor do we forget the corps of the Palistinian and Iraqi children whome we see daily on television.
Should we feel sorry for his wife?What about the mothers who lose their children, see them killed and captured before their own eyes..
Sorry Uncle Sam but i think you are asking for too much.
Soo sorry, sorry because we reached this stage...but you drove us there.
We are not fanatics, we love Seinfeld, David Schwimmer etc...
We are not ruthless, we cried when Patrick Swayze was shot in Ghost, when Leo was freezing in the sea...
but we cannot mourne an american hostage while zillions are tortured humilated by you at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ba7eb el sima

Yes, i love movies in particular egyptian movies.It's unthinkable 2 me how some of my friends cannot stand watching them.
I think we have gone a long way in this direction.Recently, we have been introducing what i think is landmarks in egyptian cinema history.
Today is friday, due to me not feeling ok I was forced 2 stay home; and what to do other than facebooking and watching a movie??
My 1st choice would have been Hairspray(something cheerful)had it not been with Rania:/
Ok 2nd choice was any other light movie, be it egyptian, american or even chinese but again nothing in my library, nor in Ahmed's.
The only choice left and a last resort actually is "aw2at fara3'".
Bought it during my last visit 2 Egypt but been afraid to watch it, seemed very gloomey.
Anyway as i said no other option.It's about a group of teenagers facing mainly identity problems plus other typical teenage problems.
Menna the girl tourne between two choices; to be a committed muslim or live her life as a normal egyptian girl her age nowadays..wearing veil or the boyfriend?
The boyz somking weed, drinking, picking up hockers, opposing their parents,loving, having double standards when it comes 2 the girls they love etc...again typical egyptian teenage problems.
The death of their friend in a way gives them a wake up call, they abandoned drugs, started praying, listening to Amr Khaled but then they quit that too.Expected!
Teenagers usually don't have steady orientation.
The end comes with them continuing living their lives like they should, with all the controversy, fun, problems and pain that comes along with the teen.
I enjoyed watching this movie alot it's soo real.It also rings a bell to the parents.
Teenagers all over the world face more or less the same problems, added to them any particular problems a country might be facing wheter social or financial.
This movie tackled both.Lately egyptian cinema has been tackling serious and what i would call less talked about issues.They might not be cheerful, they might hurt and even make you cry.But this is the role of the movies, highlighting society's problems.
They should not all have happy endings coz this is not real life.
Ofcourse it's also nice to watch a light comedy or a love story every now and then they are spirit boosters, but real life movies interest me the most.
Anyway just wanted to say that i love the cinema;actually i wish i worked in that field but too late for that now.Egyptian movies are my passion and i am real proud of the standard of movies we reached. With great scripts, talented actors and directors, we are the leaders of the Arab world in this field.
Way to go...

Monday, October 15, 2007

I had the time of my life

Ever had the feeling while watching an old movie, hearing an old song, coming across an old photo of yours and seeing the way you were dressed of O MY GOD how did i like this movie, how come i listened to this song again and again or Gee am i soo embarressed, what was i thinking of wearing this crappy T.shirt
Fact is we encounter this time and time again and it only makes sense.
At the time these things were trendy and very much "IN" , now they only seem ridicules.
As much as this is true this was completely not the case with me yesterday while watching Dirty Dancing.
To start with, i would classify this movie as a shallow teenage movie nothing more nothing less.
It contains some great songs and dances but then again that's it.
No moral to convey ...nothing.
But don't get me wrong i love this movie.
Yesterday while watching it for the 1st time after what must be like 15 years i expected to get bored, but to my astonishment i was in cloud nine.
During the one and a half hour censored version shown on Dubai One, i got this heartmelting feeling.
Was watching with a dreamy smile on my face.
I still found Patrick Swayze attractive and i still remember the 1st time i watched this movie.
And though early symptoms of Alzheimer are starting to mess up with my memory, the memories of this day are still engraved in my mind.
It was on Christmas some many years back. We were on vacation and Ines managed to get an uncut version from Germany.
For a dozen of teenage girls, the movie was dazzling and the love story was everything we wanted. Patrick Swayze was our teenage dream and many days were spent fantacizing about him, the way he danced, the way he held the what's her name ....
"Nobody puts my baby in a corner"was a favourite quote as silly as it seems right now.
But what brought the heartmelting feeling and the silly smile was not the movie it was rather memories of that christmas day.
It was the gathering, the innocent giggles, the memory of Randa's new white pullover that caught fire from the candle in the christmas tree and most of all the hopes inside us of living such a story.
We really had the time of our life.
Thank you DSB and thank you Dubai One for bringing all these lovely memories and thank you girls for giving me some nice stuff to remember.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A la votre ya DSB chicks

"A road to friend's house is never too long"

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back when you have forgotten the words"

"Friends are the siblings, God never gave us"

These are friendships quotes and being an only child i have to say that i find the last one very appealing.
The happiest days of my life were schooldays specially the last 6 years.
We were a hell of a clique, we had fun 24/7, it was either making fun of teachers, skipping classes to go to the playground, eating out; school trips were a blast!
The memories of Cairo trip are still engraved in my mind.Luxor, Aswan, Fayoum etc..
We still remember how we used 2 gather in one room, eating, singing dancing till the other inmates complained.
This clique was amazing, you could never figure out how we became friends.
We were and still are soo different yet so close and in some ways similar.
Rehab the crazy one, Randa is sensible, Tamara the icequeen, Anna the mother of naughtiness, Lamia miss picky and cool and Rita the calm one.
As for me i hold a side from each of them, deep down i am crazy, naughty at times, sensible if needed, picky and cool when i choose to and calm when the i don't enjoy the company.

Days drifted us apart, but at last we unite thx to facebook.
The thread that started 3 weeks back between 6 best friends is funny and full of memories all of them hillarious.
We became addicted to this screen, we check for new messages every other hour.
I love you girls and i love technology.
My happiest moments are the ones i spend with you even if it's only infront of a laptop.

I know the good old days are hard to retain, but i hope we always keep in touch.
What we had was special and i am really really looking forward to our gathering in Deutschland next summer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


wanna know my own deffinition of picture perfect??
It is a picture with all my freinds in it, and no intruders are allowed by the way!
only my friends:)))
This is why there is nothing such as perfect picture, in my life at least.
cause 1st, i cannot gather all my beloved ones in one picture...not cause they are numerous ofcourse technology has already solved that with the zooming function in the digital cams but rather cause my friends are scattered all around. 2nd, there will be always people who do not belong in my world.
We have this lovely habit my friends and i of taking pictures at farewells ..
how i hate these pictures. You draw a fake smile on your face but deep down it hurts seeing your friend leave.
The time i left Egypt Gosh was I sooo happy to the extent i did not realize how others, friends and family, were suffering but still smiling in the pictures and trying to show support while inside is a different story.
Ofcourse none of that mattered at the time cause i was happy, selfish maybe i was one step nearer to my new dream life or to be accurate one step away from Egypt.
But life is a spinning wheel, plusses and minusses, yins and yans.
Today i am posing, faking something like a smile, wishing good luck while all i wanna do is cry.
My photoalbum is getting more and more imperfect...the friends are diminishing and the intruders are claming my pictures.
I hate sounding gloomy, but sorry this is MY BLOG and this is how i feel right now.
I will feel better tomorrow this i am sure of, cause i am strong i guess, i hope

Re Dark and Bitter

Did you honestly think i'd forget how u like chocolate??
Not sure whome u are underestimating here me or u?
Be sure that friends like you don't come my way often.
If you think i am a good friend and advisor it's cause you deserve it;i am not usually that friendly you know :/ Come on... the legendary 7elmy used 2 call me el berraweya :)))
Bottom line dear friend you are everybody's favourite and the least thing i can do 2 show how dear u are - since i am not around performing as a friend:((-is knowing ur chocolate taste walla eih????
Take care and c u soon

Bill Maher is so funny on this one you have to take your hat

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tribute to Wael Abbas

Congrats Wael.
Wael Abbas, the Egyptian blogger, is the first ever to win journalism award.
The 32 year old as described by Gulf News (issue dated August 31st, 2007)is the latest icon of internet journalism.
His blog MisrDigital, started in the year 2004, is visited by approx.30,000 readers daily and one million a month.(WWWWOOOOOWW)
It contains the latest political updates that we don’t hear about in official newspapers, supported by videos and pictures.
Wael has been fired from several jobs due to his blogging activities?1?
He has not been subject to physical threats but has once been detained for six hours for no plausible reason.
(So much for the democracy in Egypt!)
Anyways, I only wrote this one to pay him tribute, I visited his blog several times it is remarkable, very bold BUT not for the weak hearted as it contains some brutal footages.
Finally, this young man is worth praising, he is courageous; he sacrificed his job to stand up for his right to speak and reveal to us the corrupt environment we’re living in.
So instead of keeping the blindfolds on please visit

Hairspray - You Can't Stop the Beat - Full Song

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adieu, Farewell, Aufwiedersehen, Goodbye

Life is full.Full of good things, bad things, surprises, events, encounters and adieus.
I would classify the adieus as the 2nd worst thing after death.
God has been so merciful-so far-with me as to spare me death of people I love.
Uptil now I think I only mourned one person.To compensate for that my life has been an endless chain of adieus.
But that’s fine I mean considering the alternatives.
They say God provides you with the amount of strength necessary to endure your pain. So strength is proportional i guess.
Even though you accept some hardships of life goodbyes remain bitter.
I usually try to look at the positive side of things, yet I failed to find one positive aspect when parting with dear ones.
While some people don't even leave as little as a fingerprint in your life, others hold a significant place no matter how distant.
But the sad thing is that no matter how much you promise to keep in contact- and you mean it at the time- you email or sms for a few months then you can call it a real goodbye.
Only a memory remains, a sweet feeling or maybe a faint smile when you accidently see the name while flipping through the address book.
But life goes on and thx God facebook is "IN" so you can somehow keep track of these people, see their smiling faces amongst other friends, get a sweet bitter feeling; sweet cause your friends are fine, smiling....amongst friends and bitter cause you art not in these pictures.
Once i decided not to get attached to people to protect myself from situations as such.But it's a built-in device that you cannot uninstall.
In this context i would like to say to Gazzar i miss your being around and to Usama i miss you allready, to my friends back home OH MY GOD guys it's awfully weired without you here.
To my current friends here in the UAE let's enjoy what's left!
Luv u all

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Celebrate diversity

Moroccans are prostitutes! Russians too! Philippions…Men? Gay! Women? Sex oriented! Arabs in general are pigs! Germans are Nazis? Palestinians are crooks
Xyz are filthy, blablas are racists.
These are modern age stereotypes surrounding us… suffocating us!
We prejudge and are also getting prejudged and sadly not only because of nationality.
Religion and skin color are also important players here.
Black is filthy while white is neat; Muslims are fanatics if not terrorists.
How sad! On one hand we claim that we are a modern world that we have advanced, while on the other hand we really act like Middle Ages.
We became one world with different colors and backgrounds.
So much we learn from each other starting from food till astronomy.
Why do we allow ourselves to eat Chinese food yet make fun of them?
Do we even know how much we alienate each other by these convictions?
I doubt or else we would have given it another thought.
No one likes to be undermined especially for reasons that are not only groundless and superficial but also out of ones hands.
Political views are also common ground for hatred.
Listen, debate, be openminded about it.
You do not have to accept other’s opinions if you don’t like them or if you have views of your own, just accept the fact that people ARE different, and could have different angles of looking at things.
To cut it short, embrace, learn from, and celebrate Diversity.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Appreciate who you are!

This is a thought about who i am, my roots and culture.
The reason why i am writing it is that i discovered new stuff during my stay here in a cosmopolitan like the UAE.
The last one and a 1/2 years have proved very educating indeed at least this is the way i view it.
I am sure lots of people would argue and disagree that but hey it's a free country, where arguing and debating is more than welcomed.
Back to my original thought what i learned lately.
Being graduate of a german school and being tought by germans, i (and mind u it's not an individual case all of my peers were)infatuated by the west in general and Germany in particular.
To us western Culture signified freedom of opinion, technology, honesty, fashion, lots of beautiful stuff that comes with being a 1st world country.
While 3rd world was ....daaaa lots of crappy stuff that is labeled under 3rd world .
Anything arab was shameful and weak while foreign was perfect.
I remember my visit 2 Paris many years back, and we know how Paris is filled with Abeyas and kanduras in summer. That was the only european country i disliked merely because of the intense presence of gulf arabs there, which was a reason for my annoyance during the trip.Imagine someone practically hating the champs-elysee.
Ofcourse this could be categorized as 3o2det khawaga, my upbringing contributed to this infatuation, while there was nothing to counter attack my despise to- i am embaressed to say it-: US..
Whether it was years that wised me up or interacting with both cultures simutaneously and in real life(4get school that was fiction) that drastically changed my opinion i really can't tell but fact is that now i learned to appreaciate my culture and roots.
Suddenly kanduras and abeyas don't bother me at all, in fact i enjoy watching Emiratis proudly and gracefully wearing their national dress.
Let's face it we are not bad actually we posess many qualities that we can be proud of.
We still-and please forget abt mainorities- have family ties that could rarely be found elsewhere.To us the mother is sacred.Males being protective of their sisters, wives etc..
I also believe that we posess warmth and kind heartedness that is remarkable.
We stick together in bad times(please exclude governments).How many times did u get unlimited support from your friends??
We deffinetely don't lack history nor culture.
i can go on for hours enlisting our merits but that's not the point here.
The point is admitting that we have mistakes; working on them is the best scenario. Realistically speaking maybe we will have to live with them for a while.
Still, and despite our mistakes we should appreciate who we are and where we come from.
Please let's be proud of ourselves and what we have achieved.